The reliable path to becoming a Morse Code expert

 The Yellow InApps

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The Red InApps 

bring them the keys like "life" on an HF band.

NEW: "iMorsix Academy 1"-demo film. Understand iMorsix Academy 1" better. Please scroll down!

The prerequisite: 

You are proficient in the 45 characters of the amateur radio character set! 

Now you can learn to key in the most efficient way with the iMorsix app!

So their configuration will look like before the first buttons:

On the print of the "BlueCab" burn 3 LEDs, 1 red Led: Power OK. 2 green LEDs mean: The coupling was completed successfully: keys is immediately possible!

Wirelessly buttons by iMorsix with iPhones, iPad or iPod touch.

Ready to key now successful up to 100 cpm/20 wpm!

The button is now connected to the iOS device via "BlueCab". With this configuration like the picture below, you can operate your key immediately with bluetooth 4.0 technology 4.0 up to 100 cpm/20 wpm.

 Prerequisite for real progress:

You now master the 45 characters of the amateur radio character set!


Last 4 steps to the real, virtual QSO!

The wishes of future CW cracks will be met with iMorsix:
Do a QSO without QRM like on an HF band? iMorsix makes it possible to practice "real QSOs" yourself like on a QRG, in order to gain practical security in the simplest way!

Step 1.  Experience the "QSO Academy Demo"

Start: Go to the iMorsix main menu, click on "iMorsix information" > "QSO Academy Demo".

 QSO Academy Demo

Now follow randomly generated iMorsix QSOs from "QSO Academy Demo". Start more examples!

   QSO Academy Demo (About iMorsix> iMorsix Information> QSO Academy Demo), below has generated an example of how to design a QSO.


QSO-Academy-Demo. Could be your own QSO! 

Step 2. To practise before: Key "Free keying exercise"!

Advise: "QSO Academy 1" forgives no tactile errors! 
In case of uncertainty, iMorsix immediately generates error messages! To really enjoy their first virtual QSO with "QSO Academy 1", the iMorsix team recommends some tactile "Free keying exercises" in advance to provide tactile security when using their hand key or keyer. 

Find the connecting switches for "Free keying exercise": Click "?"-symbol. 

Setting up (purely mechanical) buttons!

Important: Set speed of "Keyer" tolerance +- 10% of your own speed-limit!

Iambic (Wabbler):
Go to Main menu > Expand iMorsix > Iambic paddle, download the InApp "Iambic paddle". Touch it successfully up to 100 cpm/20 wpm!

 Change to own keying-speed now:

Change to "Speed"-site to set your own speed: click the blue gear-symbol. The "Keyer"-speed is now set to the desired value vertically on "Speed"-site by fingers.

 Return to Free keying-site: Click the gear-symbol again.

REAL QSO's without QRM right now?
It's the ultimativ moment for "QSO Academy 1"!

Change to the Mainmenu > Expand iMorsix > "QSO Academy 1" to load the InApp down before - then open "QSO Academy1"-InApp. After click to key-symbol to get the list of "Keywords".

Step 3: Learn more about keywords: 

This is how they control the course of the iMorsix QSO:

The keywords.   

However, you can freely control the flow of your QSO within the available keywords. 

 Step 4.  At least "QSO Academy 1" 


The supreme discipline is now waiting for you:

A "feeling" like on an HF band! 

This is YOUR personal reward for the perseverance! They arrived at the destination: Your very first QSO with "QSO Academy 1". 

Remember: QSO Academy 1 forgives no tactile errors. Uncertainties inevitably generate error messages! To really enjoy their first virtual QSO with "QSO Academy 1", the iMorsix team recommends some tactile exercises before to increase the tactile safety of using their hand key or keyer.

Find the connecting switches for "QSO Academy 1"

 Click "?"-symbol (on the upper right side) of the site before.

2 ways to start a QSO with "QSO Academy 1"

1. iMorsix calls CQ: Click on the "CQ"-symbol and iMorsix will beginn a QSO. Analogous to the example below, iMorsix gives you practical answers - or

2. I call CQ: That means I press "cq de (my own callsign) k" to which iMorsix generate a QSO according to the available key terms (available commands) and answers in a practical manner.

Then enjoy your very first virtual QSO with 

"QSO Academy 1". 

CONGRATS again! 

The goal has been reached - the iMorsix-team congratulates and whiches all OM's/"CW-cracks" a lot of fun, succsess and good DX on the CW-frequencies!

 The Yellow InApps 

The "General settings" in the background  

 iMorsix expand to measure, offers them with 12 InApps help to measure. 

iMorsix help in the app: 

Above icon in the app just where you are clicking to get there tip's.

Or do you have more questions? Just click iMorsix help!