The reliable path to becoming a Morse Code expert


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The reliable path to becoming a Morse Code expert


sins over 200 years still a very good thing!


The inventor of the Morse-Code

  April 27, 1791 - April 2, 1872

 In the year 1837 

Good to know: Samuel Finnley-Breeze Morse was an American inventor and professor of painting, sculpture and drawing. Morse developed from 1837 the first usable Writing telegraph (Morse apparatus). Together with his colleague Alfred Vail, Morse also created an early form, later known as Land Line Code or American Morse Code. Thus Morse created the practical conditions for a reliable electrical telegraphy, as it was used a little later. (Text: Wikipedia)

Morse code 1837 until today

No less than 6 versions preceded the current modern version changes in the representation of certain characters, but especially supplements depending on the application determined the composition of the alphabets. Virtually all signs have changed since the original version once or several times. 

  The first telegraph dispatch dated May 24, 1844

  May 24, 1844 Minutes of Morse Dispatch Minutes: "What hath God wrought", which was successfully transmitted via wire from Washington to Baltimoore Station.

The iMorsix Morse font Telegraphy

Morse code adjustments over time

The fact that even in adverse circumstances with very little transmission energy to make large distances and reliably transmit messages has fascinated for 200 years.

The amateur Morse code set includes 45 characters. Of course, the extended character set of Morse disease according to the table in iMorsix is also included.