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The BlueCab communication cable paired by Bluetooth-4.0-technology enables a reliable wireless connection between your iOS device and a bug or a keyer.

The operational configuration.

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Cable shipping Oversea:

The home delivery takes place to Oversea by Registered A-Post. 

  Delivery time: to USA or Far East, 5 days estimated.

(Corona-related delivery delays not excluded)!

Prices Oversea:

CH Cable price: 1 BlueCab cable CHF 65.-

Swiss registered shipping: CHF 15.-

Oversea prices are adjusted to the current exchange rate.

Pre-Payment for USA or Far East

Please pay attention to:

Once we have received your cable order, we will send you the invoice for your BlueCab - including setup software in PDF format, which will make it easier for you to get started with iMorsix. 

Please pay the invoice amount only via PayPal in US$ to the following PayPal address:

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The iMorsix-team


Cable shipping EU / abroad:

Delivery time from German agency: about 4 days.

(Corona-related delivery delays not excluded)!

Prices EU: 

EU cable price 1 BlueCab cable CHF 65.-

EU registered shipping: € 6.50

EU prices are adjusted to the current exchange rate.

CH bank details available.

PayPal-payment in advance for deliveries to the EU desired.

Soon with them on the table ...

Here's how a button's connection arrangement looks to the iOS device:
A Bluetooth 4.0 connection of the "BlueCab" transmits its keyed Morse code. You always have full control of your program on the display of your iOS device.

 One more step:

The pairing.
Then it's your turn.
Let's go!

Now get instructions on how to pair your BlueCab with the iOS device in 5 easy steps.