The reliable path to becoming a Morse Code expert


Principle: Do not try to teach your ears through the detour of your eyes or You write what you hear - NOT what you see!

VIDEOS to better understand most important tipps in Receiving

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Green InApps 

helps to learn receiving as efficiently as possible.


Master the receiving: Because secure recording is the key to successful keys later!


counts the ham radio morse character set.

Of course, the Morse Disease Extended Character Set is included in iMorsix according to the table -  since a short time with @ .

The iMorsix app offers a selection of learning methods that have already made it 1000 times successful. It remains exciting! 

Let's go! 

The Morse Basic Course.

Below you will find further helpful forms and functions of the "Green InApps" after the Morse-Basic-Course.


reasons - good from experience!

iMorsix has limited the drawing speed in the Morse basic course. 

The speed of characters is limited to FIX 60 per minute (cpm).

The speed of words is limited to FIX 5 per minute (wpm).

The iMorsix philosophy: 

With a tempo of 60 per minute (cpm) you learn Morse code based on your "melody".  

With Tempo 5 words per minute (wpm) you have enough time to focus on writing.

Once they know the signs of their point-and-dash composition by heart, they will only follow their melody. 

They write what they hear, NOT what they see - in this sense "courage to the gap". All beginners write mistakes, that's perfectly normal! The iMorsix team is always there to help!

The exercises in The Basic Course.


Find the connecting switches: Click "?"-symbol (upper right side of "Text libary" site). 

iMorsix help

Blue "i"-symbols always help if there are any ambiguities in the app, right where you are!

The iMorsix-Basic-Course.

Learning the amateur radio character set with the iMorsix method: The order of the 45 characters is didactically sound. Successes confirm our presentation.

Desired lesson, e.g. 0, then click on the "i"-symbol.

The characters from Lesson 0 are displayed. 

10 exercises per basic lesson are available with the corresponding characters. Lesson 0, after selecting the lesson, click on the arrow symbol.: (exercises 300 to 309). 

Text below: 302. 

Basic CW Course  

Start VIDEO below: Receiving of Lesson 0, sequences 300, 309. 

To start the film click the white arrow in the lower left corner! (Stepless enlargement as required: Hold down the control key and turn the mouse wheel.)

Conclusion: Once you know the characters of their dot-dash composition by heart, concentrate ONLY after their tune!

Let's go!

Per lesson in the basic course, there are 10 pre-programmed exercises per lesson that you will write and correct.


Will you be proud to learn after successfully learning the 10 lessons.

 Although I now know the 45 characters, but I'm not quiet sure everything to know!

Practice, practice, practice - but useful!

Expand iMorsix?

  The In Apps 

To set YOUR OWN individual speed! 

Choose the character and the touch speed according to your level of training.

The iMorsix consolidation Aids:


iMorsix has limited the drawing speed in the Morse basic course.

To find the personal read- or write-speed after imorsix-basic course, first download the in-apps "Shuffle functions" and/or "Randomiser functions" from the "Extending iMorsix" menu.

Now away from the fixed tempo of the Morse-basic-course, now choose YOUR personal speed to write! 

Record faster?

How do I find my recording pace? Note beforehand ...

 1. To set the personal reading or writing speed, go to the main menu> "Extend iMorsix" and download the in-apps "Shuffle functions" and / or "Random functions". 

2. So you also get access to the "Speed" page, where you can set your own recording speed. (Step 10 Site below)

 Your drawing and keying speed:

 Two values can be preset (step 10 picture above):

Simply turn the desired value vertically to the desired value with your finger.
By changing the "Chars-Speed" speed in relation to the "Extra space", spaces between words are enlarged, which promotes readability for training. After this practice phase, you will return to normal settings: (drawing speed = touching speed).
Please take a moment to find your individual settings and you will be sure of learning success!

 The iMorsix recording strategies: 

Your level of training.

In the "textbook" you will find 100 hard-coded texts. Once the 100 texts have been successfully recorded and corrected, please do not resort to them, because "memory effects" mislead them into a false educational status and rob them of unnecessary training time!

iMorsix has something against memory effects: Use Shuffle- and random-functions!

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About the readability

the recorded Morse code plays the decisive role:

Two values are adjustable: Character and scan speed, simply turn the finger vertically to the desired value. 

By changing the "Tast" speed, the word spaces are reduced or increased, and the readability of the recording fits them precisely to their ability.

100 permanently programmed texts:

The "textbook" contains 100 permanently programmed texts, numbers 400 - 499 containing 155 - 441 characters. 

Once the 100 texts have been successfully recorded and corrected, please do not resort to them, because "memory effects" mislead them into a false educational status and rob them of unnecessary training time! 

Here you can now set your own individual tempo: Choose the character and the touch speed according to your own level.

After "Practice Texts" change to "Shuffle functions"! 

After "Practice Texts" change to "Shuffle functions"!! 

Now choose your extensions.

 The Shuffle- and randomiser-functions.

MEMORY EFFECTS or "DEJA VUE'S" were yesterday! 

EXERCISES in random functions REPEAT NEVER! Thanks to the InApps "Shuffle functions" or "Random functions" it is possible to put exercises for receiving individually according to the current state of knowledge. It adapts to the current personal needs, practices efficiently where necessary and thus saves valuable training time. 

Thanks to shuffle functions, text repetitions are excluded!

  Scroll down for QRM or more consolidation methods!

Shuffle functions

Basic course advanced level: Shuffle functions. Receiving text 0 by shuffle functions. Please start VIDEO below!

(Stepless enlargement as required: Hold down the control key and turn the mouse wheel.)

QRM or QRN? 


"To be or not to be"!?

A minor matter can become the main thing:

The handling of malfunctions (QRM or QRN) on an HF band often determines the successful completion of a QSO! 

Get the InApp "QRM interference": 

Manage QRM settings: Go to iMorsix "Main menu" > "Expand iMorsix" > "QRM interference" and download the InApp. 

The sooner you get used to background noises (QRM) while recording, the easier it is to find "life" in practice on an HF band. 

iMorsix provides some variations on the InApp "glitches" to practice, which can be switched on or off as desired.Recommendation: Switch on the switch "Warm Noise" permanently, because on every shortwave band, besides QRM, they are always sprinkled with a kind of "tinnitus" (background noise of the transceiver).


 QRM & QRN but as much as YOU want! 

DEMO-Film below!

 (Stepless enlargement as required: Hold down the control key and turn the mouse wheel.) 

Scroll down for more consolidation methods!

Practice, practice, practice - but useful!

 You have to repeat lessons?

It only works with randomiser functions! 

  Click on "Selected Lessons", enter desired lessons. Activate appropriate switches. 

"Lessons from Lessons" as well as current switch positions in "Select a Lesson" will now be displayed.

Start sequence >: iMorsix now generates a sequence ONLY from characters of the preselected lessons. 

Any "difficult" characters?

Problems with any characters?  Just choose the appropriate lessons? 

(Stepless enlargement as required: Hold down the control key and turn the mouse wheel.)

If they dominate the receiving, the keys come almost by themselves.

If they barely master the recording and still start with keys, they are always in danger of falling into the "thought mode" such as: "how was it again?" - which will really hamper their giving ..!

Are you ready for "Free keying exercise?

Order now a "BlueCab" and connect your bug or keyer with your iOS-device by Bluetooth 4.0-Technologie like the picture below!

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