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The iMorsix morse app!

In any case, the safest and shortest way to Morseprofi!

   Better understanding the most important functions in Receiving or Keying:

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 By the way, 12 In-apps are available, "for the price of a cup of coffee" each!


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 Blue "i" symbols always help with ambiguity on the spot, no matter where they are in the app!

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 The package leaflet

"Most important facts in a short time"!

How to start? The "Basic CW course" first!

They have already acquired the iMorsix basic Morse course with the basic version of the iMorsix app.

Recording and recording the Morse code: You will now receive and write down the 45 characters of the amateur radio character set under the guidance of the Morse-Basic-Course!

Practicing - but useful! Your time is precious!


They write what they hear - NOT what they see!