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The Blue Apps 

get help and info about iMorsix.   

 Help in the App or contact the iMorsix-Team

Help can always be found at the place in the app where you are right now. If the tipps do not solve the problem, please send a summary of your problem to the iMorsix-team.

Help in the app can be found exactly at the place where they are currently under the above icon.

You also can reach external iMorsix help:

If you can not find a solution to your problem in the app, iMorsix has the option to describe or pass on any problems with the contact form via button "Just ask the iMorsix-Team". 

Or get your help also very soon by e-mail: 

Are there any Technical problems

Send a Support message: iMorsix > Support 

Please scroll down.

They provide technical information as shown in the example below, which gives the developer of the iMorsix app insight into their problems. But not yet send please without describe your problem before in short form! 

For an example scroll down!

Please describe your problem in a short form, your message will facilitate some preliminary clarifications. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

Finally, please send! 

By the way:

FAQ's about iMorsix

The most frequently asked questions can be found at:

 iMorsix Infos > Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

 If you still can not solve any iMorsix problem, then the iMorsix team is available. Please send your support message to the iMorsix team. If you can not find a solution to your problem in the app, ask the iMorsix-team. iMorsix has the option to describe any technical problems in a iMorsix contact form.